Venture Capital

From Ideas to Series A+

We are a focused early-stage and growth investing platform that helps entrepreneurs build enduring companies across Africa.
The underlying principles of strategy are enduring, regardless of technology or the pace of change
Michael Porter
We are Thesis driven
We invest in technology and technology-enabled companies
We are Africa-focused
We invest in foundations


What we look out for

Although funding has grown across Africa in the past few years, African startups still account for less than 1% of global funding

The continent has piqued the interest of foreign investors but a lot of them are not conversant with the nuances of the local environments

Highly driven entrepreneurs are coming up with innovative solutions to the continents problems but don’t have the financial support to develop and scale their businesses

Consonance supports preseed to Series A+ startups with funding to build innovative solutions to problems.

We provide USD funds

Portfolio company support

Early, Series A and Growth-Stage Investment

The best time to build a trusted relationship with founders

Provides the opportunity to partner with an entrepreneur tackling a problem that counts, within a large and profitable market

Allows you to build a strong foundation

Employ a Systems-Thinking / Full Stack Approach

Every opportunity is part of a larger system. Understanding the components part of the system reduces blind spots to profitability, and scale.

We prefer platforms. Given the unbuilt condition of many sub Saharan Africa countries, it’s the structure/ strategy best suited to scale.

Presence of a MOAT

Business models that create or fixes markets and value chains.

Businesses that meet a critical and fundamental need of society.

Control of distribution and/or supply chain.

Installed base of equipment/software.

Other Focus Areas