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Venture Capital

What’s your process like?

Our process can take btw 2 - 8 weeks once we have decided to present to our investment committee. If we are unable to proceed, we’ll inform you as quickly as possible.

What does consonance look for in companies?

Our approach is guided by Our Thesis

What additional support do you provide startups?

We aren’t just investors but also long-term partners who help startup founders leverage our network by making investor introductions during fundraising, hiring talent, business development, strategic advising, and providing a community of founders for collaboration.

How can one contact Consonance?

We can be contacted via email at info@consonaceinvest.com.

What stage do you invest in?

We invest in pre-Seed to Series A stage companies.

What does Consonance look for in startups?

Our approach is guided by Our Principles.

What’s your ticket size?

Our average ticket size is $500K (Fund I)

Debt Finance

Is Consonance a bank?

We are a non-bank financial institution that provides debt financing to venture-backed companies so that they can fund their growth and expansion needs such as working capital, CapEx, equipment purchasing, product expansion, etc. 

Am I eligible to apply?

Feel free to apply if you’ve been in operation for 24+ months, generate N10m+ in revenue monthly and have at least 1 institutional investor

Must I provide collateral for the loan, and what kind?

We provide secured and unsecured loans to businesses. We will consider assets like vehicles, equipment, property, real estate, account receivables and cash

What currency will funds be disbursed in?

The fund is currently Naira-denominated but as we grow, we will be able to provide funds in foreign currency.

How long does it take to receive funds?

Processing timelines vary, depending on the availability of your documents and response rates to enquiries. Regardless, we aim to complete the process within 5 weeks.

How will I receive the funds?

The funds will be disbursed directly to your preferred bank account after you accept the offer made to you.

Can I pay off the loan before the maturity date?

Prepayment is available 12 months after disbursement has been made

Can I extend my SME loan?

Unfortunately, there is no room for extension.

How can I refer a company?

We’re thrilled to have you spread the word about our products. You can share via our social media links, website, and/or by word of mouth.

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Venture Build

Can I apply even though I’ve gone through another incubator program?

We welcome first-time and serial entrepreneurs who are available and committed to dedicating themselves to the full program and growth of subsequent businesses.

When is your next cohort?

How can I apply?

What industries are you targeting?

We are excited to work with experts in the following fields: Soft and hard infrastructure, Cryptocurrency, Light(scale) manufacturing, Human capital development, Biotechnology, and Social impact sectors of property rights and the legal environment.

Will you sign an NDA? How do I know you won’t take my idea?

No, we won‘t sign an NDA. No venture firm would at this stage. The informal commitment to secrecy on our application form is more than any VC would make.