Debt Finance

Secure Loans for Growth

We are able to raise funds from investors for multiple business ventures and we will fund companies with a proven record and ability to service debt.


What we look out for

VC equity funding has grown across Africa but too many startups are unable to secure substantial loans for their operations

With each equity round, founders’ ownership is further diluted

Many startups struggle to provide adequate collateral to receive loans

Many startups don’t have a strong enough track record to secure loans

No Dilution

No personal guarantees

Flexible periodic payments

Possible early loan repayment if business grows quickly

Minimal advisory requirements or board involvement

Objective financing requirements

Faster turnaround time. At least 2x capital recycling

Lower risk. Historically less than 5% default rate

Early stage, high growth companies with a high real asset base

24+ months in operation

$20+K (or N10M) MRR

Collateral: assets, vehicles, equipment, property, real estate, account receivables, cash

At least one institutional investor

Ability to service debt

Current restricted industries: betting, cryptocurrency