Venture Build

Build Ideas to Scale

We help identify opportunities that create or fix markets and value chains, partner with entrepreneurs and build scalable companies.


What we look out for

Silicon Valley has been a hotbed for startup incubation and funding but given that venture studios seek to cultivate a business ecosystem from scratch, Silicon Valley founders may not be as attracted to the model. Venture funding in Africa is equally nuanced, demanding a hybrid of digital and hard infrastructure development. Sectors such as FinTech, HealthTech and logistics have had the spotlight on them over the past couple of years but there are others that require critical focus for any society to develop and grow. That is why Consonance will be identifying opportunities that create or fix markets and value chains, partner with entrepreneurs suited to solve for those ideas and build them out into scalable companies

First movers: Most incubators develop ideas into businesses. We will start pre-idea to select entrepreneurs who will build from scratch.

Expert team: Our team comprises of highly skilled/experienced professionals in the startup space who have worked in other industries.

Investment framework: Our unique model allows us to identify high-potential ideas, entrepreneurs, and companies to invest in.

Reputation: Our Venture Capital team has invested in 36+ companies.

Access to finance: We are able to raise funds from investors for multiple business ventures and will provide full funding from start till the companies can run independently.

Strong network: We are well connected in the ecosystem, not just to investors but innovative entrepreneurs who can lead companies, and professionals that can run operations at the foundry.

Commitment: This is not a sprint or crash course. A full in-house team will work closely with Forerunners for 18-24 months before stepping back to allow them run on their own.

Technology: is at the forefront of our business, enabling us work across geographical zones efficiently.

Organizational culture: We invest not only in companies but primarily in its people because they are the heart of the business and solution-drivers.

Variety: Our sector-agnostic disposition means we are open to all, pushing for change across any industry.

Business partner, not just a founder/CEO

Creativity and audaciousness

Industry expert and builder

Dreamer and visionary


Fighting spirit